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After buying my walking pad from WalkMate, I am thoroughly impressed. Not only is the product great and a perfect fit for my home office, but the customer service was outstanding, making the entire process seamless and enjoyable

Nick R

My experience with WalkMate was nothing short of excellent. The walking pad is compact, efficient, and exactly what I needed for my daily exercise. The customer service was friendly and efficient, making the whole process a delight.

Justin G

I’m thrilled with my purchase from WalkMate! The walking pad is sleek and quiet, perfect for my apartment workouts. Plus, dealing with their team was a dream – knowledgeable, friendly, and made sure I chose the right model for my needs.

Vallory W

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Compact, quiet, and easily storable.

Our walking pads fit seamlessly into your routine, making every step towards wellness simple.

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What is the difference between a walking pad and a treadmill?

Are you trying to decide between a walking pad and a treadmill? It’s like comparing two great friends, but let’s be honest, one might just understand you a little bit better! Let’s take a look at the differences.

Walking Pad: Imagine a fitness device that’s here for YOU. Quiet as a whisper, compact as a briefcase, and gentle on your space and time. Our products are designed to effortlessly blend into your daily routine, whether you’re catching up on emails or your favourite series.

Here’s some of the benefits that might just win your heart:

  1. Space-Savvy: Store it under your bed or desk – out of sight, but always ready for a stroll!
  2. Quiet Achiever: Walk without waking the baby or disturbing your concentration.
  3. Easy-going: Perfect for all ages and fitness levels. Walking was never so uncomplicated!
  4. Health Buddy: Improve heart health, reduce stress, and enhance mood, all with the joy of walking.

Treadmill: Now, treadmills have their merits, especially for the hardcore runners out there. But if you’re looking for something that’s not so in-your-face (or in your living room), our smaller, more user friendly options might just be the answer you’ been looking for!

Why the Walking Pad is Your Perfect Partner: It’s like having a wellness retreat right in your living room or office, without the need to transform your space into a mini-gym. It’s all about YOU, your pace, and your comfort.

It’s more than a product; it’s a companion that fits right into your world without demanding the spotlight. Whether you’re a busy parent or a work-from-home warrior, there’s a walking pad just waiting to make your day better.

Come explore our collection and find the one that’s calling your name. Happy walking!

Are walking pads good for helping you lose weight?

  1. Accessibility: With a walking pad right in your living room or under your desk, getting in those extra steps is a breeze! Forget about scheduling gym visits or relying on good weather. Browse our range of walking pads to find the perfect fit for your space and lifestyle.
  2. Consistency: The convenience of a walking pad makes sticking to a daily routine achievable. Consistency is essential for weight loss, and these fitness companions make it more fun and manageable.
  3. Low-Impact Exercise: Walking is a gentle yet effective way to burn calories without straining your joints.
  4. Customisable: Our walking pads come with adjustable speed settings, letting you find your perfect pace. Whether you’re in the mood for a gentle stroll or a brisk walk, you have total control.
  5. Holistic Health Benefits: Beyond weight loss, walking enhances your overall well-being, from improving heart health to lifting your mood.
  6. Integration with Other Activities: Watching your favourite show, reading a book, or answering emails while walking has never been healthier!
  7. Mindfulness & Stress Reduction: Integrating mindful walking can be a calming experience, promoting mental well-being. Here’s a guide to mindful walking that can be easily practiced on a walking pad.

In summary, walking pads are not just a fantastic tool for weight management; they’re your gateway to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Simple and convenient

Easy to use and with the option to track your progress via mobile app, these walking pads will help you stay consistent with your health and fitness goals.

Fits in with your life

Slim, lightweight walking pads: the perfect solution for space-saving fitness at home. Say goodbye to bulky treadmills and embrace a sleek design that’s easy to store when not in use.

Each day, you promise yourself: today, I’ll make time for my health. Yet, as dusk settles, you’re left with a familiar pang — that sinking feeling of guilt from missed opportunities. Time constraints, endless tasks, and modern life’s chaos make it seem impossible to prioritize your well-being.

Let’s break the cycle, one step at a time!

Under desk treadmill Australia

At WalkMate, we offer more than just walking pads. We bring a solution to silence that nagging guilt, a way to intertwine health into your busy life seamlessly. Your desire to lead a healthier lifestyle is valid, and so are the hurdles you face. But what if those hurdles weren’t insurmountable anymore?

Let’s turn intentions into actions. No more guilt. Just steps forward.

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