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Walking Pads

Discover our premium range of walking pads, expertly designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your home workouts or find the perfect solution for exercise in a compact living space, our walking pads provide the ideal balance between functionality and design.

How to Choose Walking Pads

Not sure about what features or technical information to consider when buying walking machines? Here are some of the key ones to keep in mind when shopping.

Maximum User Weight

Check each model to see what the recommended maximum user weight is. Generally, due to their portable, light-weight design, walking pads cater to a lower maximum weight then treadmills.

Maximum Speed

Are you looking to simply increase your daily step count and move more frequently? Walking machines with a maximum speed of 6km/hr may be right for you. If you want higher intensity, check for speeds of 10km/hr or more.

Walking Surface

The dimensions of the walking/running surface is also important. Taller users will want a walking area length of 110cm or more. For those with wider hips, having a width of 42cm or more is probably the ideal choice.


Depending on where you are using your walking machine, home or office (or elsewhere!), the ability to store your walking pad away may be a factor to consider. Some models fold in half, while others do not, but can still be placed under lounges, beds or upright to save space.