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V-Fold Walking Pad

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Life’s relentless pace can divert us from our wellness goals. However, with the V-Fold Walking Pad, you have a reliable tool to build a consistent fitness routine and step towards better health.

Key features:

  • Maximum user weight: 110kg (recommended)
  • Maximum speed: 12km/hr
  • Weight: 36kg
  • Walking surface: 120cm (L) x 44cm (W)

Consistency is the key to unlocking your fitness potential, and with the V-Fold, you have the perfect tool at your disposal.

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The V-Fold Walking Pad represents a commitment to consistent fitness, combining advanced features in a user-friendly design.

Powering your workouts is a 1.25HP brushless motor, which not only ensures longevity but guarantees whisper-quiet operation, allowing for a serene workout environment.

With a spacious running belt spanning 120cm x 44cm, there's abundant room for you to take confident strides. An ingenious addition is the adaptive speed control that seamlessly adjusts according to your foot speed, mirroring a more intuitive and natural running rhythm.

Every workout is an opportunity for progress. The built-in LCD display keeps you informed every step of the way, showing time, speed, distance travelled, and step count. But it's not just about performance; your safety is paramount. The hand rail, coupled with a safety clip attachment, is designed to provide stability and ensure your safety if you need to stop quickly.

Remember those additional key features? This treadmill is equipped to support up to 110kg, reaching a top speed of 12km/hr, and its lightweight design at 36.5kg ensures it's as mobile as it is sturdy.

On the path to optimal health and wellness, the V-Fold offers the support needed to progress towards a healthier version of you, one step at a time.

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 109 × 77 × 21 cm

Stay consistent, improve your health and feel better with the V-Fold Walking Pad

Experience fitness flexibility with the V-Fold’s compact design, seamlessly fitting into any living or workspace.

Tailored for modern lifestyles, it ensures your wellness journey isn’t confined by space.

Key Features

LED display to view your progress

Perfect for getting moving with 6km/hr max speed

Maximum user weight 110kg

Simple to fold up and store

Fits in with you life & aids consistency

Better health and wellbeing is no longer out of reach.

With convenience at your feet, the V-fold allows you to get active, any time.

V-Fold Walking Pad – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the V-Fold for running?

The V-Fold is versatile enough for both walkers and runners. With a top speed of 12km/hr, it offers a range that caters to leisurely walks, brisk jogs, and even more intense runs. Whether you’re warming up or pushing your limits, this model is equipped to support your pace.

Is this walking pad suitable for tall people?

Our colleague Simon, who stands at 194cm (6’4″), has personally tried out the V-Fold and found it comfortable. For individuals over 180cm (6’0″), we generally recommend belt lengths of 110cm or more to ensure ample space during extended strides. The V-Fold caters to this, ensuring comfort and ease for taller users.

What is the most weight it can handle?

The V-Fold boasts excellent quality but is optimised for users up to 110kg. For the longevity and best performance of the product, it’s advisable not to surpass this weight limit by a significant margin. If you’re seeking alternatives, our shop offers other walking pad options suitable for larger users.

How hard is the V-Fold to fold/unfold?

The V-fold is crafted for convenience with an intuitive folding design. Most users find it straightforward to fold and unfold, often completing the process in just seconds. Safety and durability have been key considerations in its design.

Technical Specs

Speed Range
Walking/Running Area
Maximum User Weight
Net Weight
Remote Controller
Speed Adjustment
Handrail Included
Noise Reduction
0.5 - 12km/hr
120cm * 44cm
Remote control | App
Brushless motor

Product Dimensions

Expanded Size
Folded Size
146cm * 72cm * 103cm (L*W*H)
100cm * 72cm * 16cm (L*W*H)