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WalkMate Summit Walking Pad


Introducing the WalkMate Summit. Our stylish new addition for those looking for a convenient way to move more.

Key Features:

  • Maximum user weight: 120kg (recommended)
  • Maximum speed: 6km/hr
  • Foldable: No
  • Product weight: 32kg
  • Running surface: 110cm (L) x 45cm (W)
  • App connectivity: Yes

Maintain the aesthetic of your home or office while improving your health with the WalkMate Summit!

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The WalkMate Summit is your stylish companion on your walking journey towards a healthier you.

With stunning woodgrain side rails and mat black header, the WalkMate Summit will look right at home, set-up in your living room or office. This walking pad has a maximum speed of 6km/hr, which is more then sufficient to get in brisk walks when the weather is poor, or you're short on time. Operated via remote control, the LED display cycles between speed, distance, calories and time. With app connectivity via Fitshow, you will always be able to get a walk in, even if you misplace your remote, or run out of batteries!

With a 2m long power cord, you have flexibility with where you set-up your walking machine. The walking mat area of 110cm x 45cm is big enough for even tall walkers, with users at 200cm in height having used this model. If you're short on storage space, the walking pad 1 has you covered. The wheels, located on the header end, allow for easy movement of the walking pad even for smaller users. Handles provide a convenient way to grip when moving it to your preferred location. The walking pad can also be stored upright, saving you space, and making it easy to put out of sight when not in use.

Great features, quality design, and ultra convenient - WalkMate Summit.


Additional information

Weight 27.5 kg
Dimensions 142 × 72 × 17 cm

Simple and convenient to use, the WalkMate Summit fits into your space.

Key Features

LED display to view your progress

Maximum speed of 6km/hr, perfect for daily walking

Maximum user weight 120kg

Easy to move, simple to store

App connectivity to keep track of your progress

Simply plug into power, press start, and you’re on your way to a healthier you.

Want to exercise while the young ones are sleeping? Need to move more while stuck in the office?

The WalkMate Summit is your perfect partner.

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WalkMate Summit Enquiry

WalkMate Summit – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the WalkMate Summit for running?

The WalkMate Summit caters to those wanting to walk, up to a brisk pace. With a maximum speed of 6km/hr, which equates to 10 minutes per kilometre. This is more than enough to get your heart rate up, and get those steps in, even when the weather is poor or you’re short on time!

Is this walking pad suitable for tall people?

Our colleague Simon, who stands at 194cm (6’4″), uses the Summit almost daily and has no problems. The belt length of 110cm is long enough that his feet do not get close to the end, even when walking at higher speeds.

What is the most weight it can handle?

The WalkMate Summit boasts excellent quality and is ideal for users up to 120kg. For the longevity and best performance of the product, it’s advisable not to surpass this weight limit by a significant margin. The reason for this is the motor size is kept on the smaller side, to ensure the overall walking pad weight is manageable for most people.

On what surfaces can I use the WalkMate Summit?

The WalkMate Summit is able to be used on hard surfaces, such as tiles, wooden flooring or concrete. It can also be used on low pile (short) carpet. As the walking deck generates heat, it is not suitable to use on high pile (thick) carpet.

How difficult is the WalkMate Summit to set-up?

Very easy! You will need to do a couple of things prior to using the Summit for the first time.

  1. You will need to tip the walking pad on its side and add the lubricating oil. This reduces friction and provides a smooth walking surface.
  2. Put the batteries in the remote control. The WalkMate Summit requires 2 x AAA batteries.
  3. Finally, plug the walking pad into power, turn on, and press start on your remote! 

Happy walking!

Technical Specs

Speed Range
Walking/Running Area
Maximum User Weight
Net Weight
Remote Controller
Speed Adjustment
Handrail Included
Noise Reduction
1 - 6km/hr
110cm * 45cm
Remote control | App
Brushless motor

Product Dimensions

140cm * 74cm * 16cm (L*W*H)