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Walk to Better Sleep Today: How More Steps Can Lead to Healthier Nights

walk to better sleep

Struggling with sleep? Many people face this nightly battle. But there’s a simple and enjoyable solution you might not have considered: walking more. At Walkmate, we’re here to guide you to walk to better sleep. So, how does walking more actually help? Let’s have a look!

Reduces Stress

Stress is a common culprit behind sleepless nights, but walking provides a natural remedy. Not only does the physical activity help to release tension, but the calming effect of nature, especially in Australia’s breathtaking landscapes, can further alleviate stress. Connecting with nature and engaging in light exercise like walking is supported by organisations like Beyond Blue as a method to improve mental well-being. At Walkmate’s Shop, we offer a selection of quality walking pads and gear to enhance your consistency and motivation to keep moving. If the weather is poor, or you don’t have time for a long walk outdoors, walking pads can be a great alternative.

Improves Mood

Ever heard of the “walker’s high”? Physical activity, such as walking, can boost your mood by releasing endorphins, the body’s natural mood enhancers. This creates a sense of joy and well-being that extends into the night, leading to better sleep. From overcoming challenges to achieving personal bests, walking can uplift your spirit and inspire you to keep moving. The link between exercise and a better mood is well documented, as highlighted by the Better Health Channel.

Increases Energy Expenditure

Want to sleep better? Get active! Walking helps you burn calories and feel more physically tired by bedtime, setting the stage for a more restful night. It’s not just about losing weight; it’s about balancing your body’s energy needs. Check out our fitness tips for advice on how to incorporate walking into a broader fitness routine. We also recommend using tools like Garmin Australia’s fitness trackers, to monitor your daily activities to improve consistency, and give you the gentle reminder you may need to get up and about. The Heart Foundation also emphasises how walking is a powerful way to stay fit and healthy.

Regulates Circadian Rhythm

Our body’s internal clock, or circadian rhythm, can be thrown off by modern life. Regular walking can help to synchronise these rhythms, creating a consistent sleep-wake cycle. The fresh air and exposure to natural light during outdoor walks contribute to resetting your body’s clock, especially if you get out and about in the mornings. For more detailed insights into managing your sleep patterns, the Sleep Health Foundation has valuable resources.

Promotes Relaxation

Walking doesn’t have to be fast-paced or strenuous to be beneficial. Leisurely strolls can be incredibly relaxing and calming, especially if you walk in scenic locations. Taking a walk before bedtime helps clear the mind and promotes relaxation, creating the perfect pre-sleep ritual. If you’re not able to get outdoors for you walks though, walking pads are a convenient way to get your body moving without leaving your home.

Strategies to Increase Your Daily Step Count

That all sounds great I hear you say. But what are some ways I can start getting more activity in each day to see these alleged sleep benefits? Great question. Have a look a couple of other articles we’ve shared that can help you walk to better sleep today!

6 great benefits of getting more than 8,000 steps each day – Walking Pad’s | Australia | Walk Mate

9 Simple Ways to Increase Your Daily Step Count – Walking Pad’s | Australia | Walk Mate

You could also consider joining other likeminded people to walk with and keep each other accountable via the Heart Foundation’s walking groups. So, why not get moving a little more and see how walking can help you sleep, and feel better!

Walk to better sleep, today!

Your path to better sleep starts with Walkmate. The benefits of walking are diverse and extend beyond mere physical wellness. By reducing stress, improving mood, increasing energy expenditure, regulating circadian rhythms, and promoting relaxation, walking with Walkmate is your ticket to better nights. So lace up those walking shoes and let’s explore the world on foot. Join the Walkmate community today, and let’s walk to better sleep, one step at a time. Happy walking!

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